Project 22 – Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – Thank you & Goodbye

Thank you for coming on this journey with me, and I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved. Most of all, I’m super excited about what I’ve learnt and where my journey has led me. 

At the time of wrapping up Project 22, I was studying a gut health course (which highlighted some big things for me), started studying Human Design and I was spending more and more time with my sound bowl.

My life had really slowed down, even though the work I was doing had taken off and I was flat strapped project managing myself, my time and making sure I delivered what I needed to (and then some) for my clients.

In November, I went away for a week to the Pan Pacific Masters Games to play netball. Chris and Teddy stayed at home because Teddy had his Acrobatics concert coming up, and there was a lot of rehearsals happening for that.

Given everything that had been happening with my bowels and my lungs, I was consciously managing all of it, plus I was working that week, so I had to manage my workload, playing load, stress load and making sure I ate well – well enough to get through the week without burning out.

My bowels were up and down whilst I was away, but my lungs were the best they’d been for ages. I still coughed in the morning, but I really didn’t have any mucus. Again, hindsight is a wonderful thing, and I can see the benefit exercise/movement has to helping move waste out of my body. Our lymphatic systems (think of it like the waste disposal unit) doesn’t have a natural pump, when we move, the waste moves, therefore movement is the pump. Also, I drank room temperature water all week, and ate warm foods – all good for building my digestive fire and reducing the cold ‘sludge’ that could be building up in my gut, which could make its way to my lungs.

When I got back I had bloods taken and then booked in to see Brooke. Due to life happening, we ended up doing an email consultation rather than a zoom consult, and this is how it went.

I emailed Brooke my blood test results and then shared with her what had been happening physically with me. The biggest issues in these blood tests were:

  • My iron levels were back to 5 again. I was back where I started, even though that’s not how I felt.
  • My stool was soft and hard and soft and hard, it was like a yoyo, again, back to the start but not really.
  • My Vitamin B12 had dropped, it was now 770, from 1194, and remember when we started this I was 479
  • My ESR (long term inflammation) had risen again to 43, we want it between 1 and 12. 

The next thing I did was huge, and really showed my growth. A year ago I would have given Brooke my blood test results and waited for her to tell me what was happening, this time I told her what was happening, from a collaborative space, and asked for her input. She agreed with me.

What we agreed was happening was the vomiting bug was still in my body in some way, this would explain my low iron, the drop in my Vitamin B12 and my stool changes, so she gave me a supplement to help clear that out and guess what, within a couple of days my stool was back to normal, a lovely healthy 4 on the Bristol Stool chart.

She also gave me a new iron supplement to help me really work on that. It was a beef liver supplement and I’d alternate that with another iron supplement I had. She said clients of hers were getting great results with it, and I was open to trying it.

I’d come a long way

I’d built relationships with alternative health providers, bringing in a team of people to support me on my journey, based on where I was at. I became my own health coach and advocate, and I was sharing my journey with any one who was open to listening. Plus my knowledge of my body was so strong that I knew I’d find my next step when my body was ready to present it to me.

My journey had been about creating more energy in my life and I was focused on doing that through the physical, but what I learnt was so much more.

We are more than our physical bodies, I know this and so do you, but we focus on our physical because it’s the thing we can see, it’s the thing we can feel and it’s the thing we’ve always focused on. 

It’s beautiful to focus on our physical bodies and love up on them because they’re with us for life. They’re our partner in this journey. We’re guaranteed to have this body whilst were on this planet – just like death and taxes, our body is guaranteed, without it we don’t exist in this human form. So it’s a beautiful thing to take care of our bodies but we’re more than that.

We’re a spiritual being, we’re an emotional being – ever had a hankering for chocolate, chips or ice cream just to feel better? And we’re mental beings.

When I could start to look at myself more holistically, than I was, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place for me.

So did I achieve my goal of creating more energy in my life, yes I did. Did I get it to a sustainable level, no I didn’t and nor was I meant to. Was my energy level always evolving, yes it was. This meant, some days I was tired and then I was able to look at what I’d been doing or not doing or saying yes to when really I should have said no to. I could see where I was ‘fighting’ and that was exhausting to me, when really life doesn’t need to be that hard. 

It was time to let go even more, because as I know, and as we all know at our core, everything always works out and the reason we know it is because we’re still here. We’re still showing up, we’re still striving to be our best selves, we’re still smiling, we’re always amazing.


My next step

To continue doing what I was doing, allowing it to evolve and I’ve certainly have done that. Check out my bonus chapter which talks more about what I’ve been doing health wise in 2023.

You can check out everything about my Project 22 over here and Chapter 22 – Bonus.


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