Project 22 – Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – My witch and her cauldron

2016 was my year of yes. It came about because of a phone call I had with my sister where she asked me if I wanted to do a 5km fun run. I laughed and said no.

Overnight I thought about why I said no and why I’d said no so quickly.

Sure, I hadn’t run in ages and I’d never done a fun run – never. I’d run 5km, I’d even done Couch to 5km App (not fully finishing the app but I did finish the running). So why had I said no?

Because it was going to be hard. 

I couldn’t just do the fun run, I had to train for it and I didn’t want to create space for it – but I could.

I rang my sister the following day and started on my journey to running 5km.

5km turned into 10km and my training had moved from outside to my work gym.

It was during running that podcasts came into my life.

I had read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and she had a podcast linked to the book called Magic Lessons. I downloaded the first episode, then the second and every run from that point it was me and Magic Lessons.

Magic Lessons was all about chatting to every day people who had a creative dream but they weren’t taking action or they felt blocked. The episodes always inspired me and I was keen for the next one, often listening whilst I was walking to the gym – never missing a minute.

From time to time, Liz would mention Pastor Rob Bell, a religious pastor from the US. She always spoke highly of him as a person and in the work he did. She’d done events with him and from memory, at the time, they had one coming up.

Initially I thought, that’s lovely for them (much like running, I wasn’t doing that), but I started to get curious.

I’d been digging myself out of my post natal depression hole, and whilst I was looking after the physical, mental and emotional side, the spiritual work was purely meditation at that point, nothing else. The thought of getting involved in another religion didn’t interest me. 

That being said, Buddhism did intrigue me and I had read a book by a monk. Not that I was diving down that hole, I was just a bit more open.

I remember nervously looking at Rob Bell’s podcast and I decided to download one episode. He had a series on Wisdom, so that seemed like a good place to start.

Simply put, I went down the rabbit hole. I loved the wisdom series and then started listening to a few other episodes. One in particular was about the Prodigal Son. 

The Prodigal Son is a parable in the Bible where a man has 2 sons. One stays with the father and helps him, doing everything he asks. The other son asks his father for his share of the property, leaves, blows all the money and then comes back asking his father for forgiveness.

The father forgives his son and has a party to celebrate his return. This makes the other son angry and he can’t believe his father would welcome him back after what he’s done. This son has been perfect and effectively deserves more recognition.

The story was pretty straight forward to me, especially as a young girl who heard it regularly through school and church. However, when Rob talked about it, he made it funny (laughing himself) and (if I remember correctly because it’s been a while since I listened to it) he talked about it from the perspective of, how do we welcome ourselves back when we stray? Because we’re human so we all stray.

This deeper meaning hit me and I had a new appreciation for the religious word – from Pastor Rob Bell’s perspective.

In essence, this asked me to look at things differently, and it was exactly what I was doing. So when it came to working with people like Anne, I kept my eyes and heart wide open and enjoyed the ride. There were no mistakes, only lessons and opportunities to grow.

Anne liked to do 3 sessions close together, so my next 2 sessions were 2 weeks apart, then I went to monthly. The reason she did this was so I could see results and I did see results quickly.

I brought on a new client, I had clarity around the next step in my business, my mental chatter decreased, my cough (lung issue) decreased and after putting ‘judgement’ in the cauldron, the next day when I was in my kitchen and about to judge something Chris was going to do my soul piped up with ‘we don’t do that any more.’ 

WTF – yep that popped out so, I stopped and said thank you instead.

My relationship with Chris has always been good. We’ve had issues sure, but we always know that we love each other and we’re together forever. I never put Chris in the cauldron, even though Anne asked me about my relationship with Chris at my first session, but as I continued to do the work (the work with Anne and everything else I was doing) my relationship with Chris was getting stronger, deeper and more connected. 

This just excited me and I wanted more.

Kylie had asked me how my first session with Anne had gone, but I didn’t have anything to give her at that point so I didn’t say anything until after my 3rd session.

I called Anne my witch. As I said earlier, I’d put things in her cauldron and then she’d magically do things with them. I had no idea what that was, nor did I care.

Once I was home, sessions with Anne went like this. She’d ring me, we’d chat for 15 – 30 minutes and things would come out to go in her cauldron (let’s be clear, she just wrote them down – there’s no cauldron but I like the idea of it). I’d hang up, then she’d ring me about 45 minutes later to read out what came up – some of it I understood, some of it I didn’t, then we’d book in our next appointment.

Aside from the conversation and me listening at the end, I did nothing – and I loved it! I wasn’t allowed to write anything down either because that could keep the ‘issues’ in this plane and Anne was going to burn them to remove them. So again, I did nothing and it was like pure freedom.

My only other role was to pay attention to what was happening after the sessions so I could give Anne an update at our next session.

When I told Kylie I was about to do a session with Anne, she asked me if I was still in Melbourne, thinking that the sessions were in person. ‘Nope, they’re over the phone and it’s so good, I don’t have to do anything.’

I shared with Kylie more about what had happened since I’d been seeing Anne, and because the sessions could be done remotely, Kylie was in – she wanted to know more.

She booked a session with Anne and let’s just say Kylie went down the rabbit hole and hasn’t come out. She was the one who found out about RAW Energies, and the fact that my remote sessions were a RAW balance, not Kinesiology like I thought.

Because of my experience, I was thinking about studying Kinesiology and I did some research, but I started to notice Kylie & Anne talk about ‘two women’ and ‘the girls’. Then the name RAW came in and it was enough for me to google them and find out more.

They had a one day foundation course coming up, so I booked in. Kylie also booked in but on another day and we didn’t talk about it until after we attended.

There are 11 levels in RAW, and I’ve now done Level 1 and Level 2, in addition to the foundation level. Will I go on? Yes, absolutely. Has it been transformative? Yes, absolutely. Was this the ‘big thing’ that was coming to me in Melbourne? I believe it was and here’s the big reason.

My witch, the beautiful Anne, died suddenly in early 2023. In my final session with Anne she talked to me about the difference between information and knowledge, which was enough to kick me into action and finish my Level 1 assessment and then, as if by magic, I received an email to say I was registered in Level 2. I hadn’t applied yet.

This is what had to happen for Anne & RAW Energies to come into my life:

  • Kylie had been given Anne’s number 5 or so years earlier. They spoke about Kylie building Anne’s website.
  • Kylie kept Anne’s number, even though she had no reason to.
  • In about 2018, Stacy, Kylie’s brother, said to me ‘you need to hook up with my sister, she does all the stuff you’re doing.’ We became Facebook friends.
  • We kept in contact and did a small course together in 2021.
  • We chatted via Voxer (we still do) and I coached Kylie for a little bit as part of my Life Coaching certification.
  • Then I worked with Kylie when she was studying Emotional Release Technique.
  • I message Kylie and ask her if she knew a Kinesiologist in Melbourne. Now, Kylie lives in Karratha, Western Australia, there’s no reason she’d know a Kinesiologist in Melbourne.
  • I go to my appointments with Anne and then Kylie finds out they’re remote – the rabbit hole opens up.

The other thing I had to learn was to do this for myself. When I’ve studied Health Coaching and Life Coaching, even Reiki, I did it with the intention of creating a business out it. But this time, I had to learn to let RAW guide me, rather than me guide RAW. I had to surrender and it hasn’t been easy.

I’ve tried to do it for other people, and the experience has been beautiful but more and more I get the message that right now, this is for me. So whilst I’ll tell you I work with energies, I’ll even tell you how that happens, I won’t offer to do it for you and you won’t find it on my website. 

This journey is for me and much like I’m sharing it here, I’ll write about it but if you want more, there are amazing people like Pam & Sally (the girls) and Kylie who are doing this for others, I’ll point you in their direction.

I’ll drop their details here so you don’t even have to talk to me about it LOL

RAW Energies

Kylie Wolfig:


My next step

You’ve heard me talk about my lungs and my cough. Let me give you an overview of what was going on, how long I’ve been living with it, how it effects me and what I’m doing about it. It’s a journey of discovery, one that I’m still on but I can give you lots of insights.

You can check out everything about my Project 22 over here.


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Netball of course had helped, but I always knew that some netball games weren’t fitness for me, they were just games so I always made sure I did fitness, to be fit enough to play netball. That might sound stupid but, touch wood, it also means I haven’t had a major injury and in ‘netball land’ that’s pretty unheard of.

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