Ep. 212 – Freedom after Depression with Gretchen Hernandez

Let me introduce my gorgeous friend, Gretchen Hernandez.

Gretchen’s battled depression since she was 19.

An overachiever at work, often to her own detriment, caused a mini stroke and severe IBS.

After a long battle and reaching breaking point Gretchen found her way out, through messages from the universe and her own determination to live a life without depression.

Today Gretchen shares her story, how she took it one step at a time and saw that taking care of herself was her way through.

Be inspired xo

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Ep. 184 – Radical Self-Love with Dahlya Brown Shook

Dahlya Brown Shook emanates radical self-love and healing.

Diagnosed at 15 with Anxiety and Major Depression Disorder, Dahlya had a long and hard struggle.

But Dahlya’s true inner healing came as she took her own intuitive steps in her mental health journey to discover that healing goes far beyond the medication and therapy cycle she had been spiralling for years.

Today she’s immersed in helping adults and children with mind, body and spirit integration for whole body healing using multi-dimensional approaches.

Be inspired xo

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