Ep. 184 – Radical Self-Love with Dahlya Brown Shook

Dahlya Brown Shook emanates radical self-love and healing.

Diagnosed at 15 with Anxiety and Major Depression Disorder, Dahlya had a long and hard struggle.

But Dahlya’s true inner healing came as she took her own intuitive steps in her mental health journey to discover that healing goes far beyond the medication and therapy cycle she had been spiralling for years.

Today she’s immersed in helping adults and children with mind, body and spirit integration for whole body healing using multi-dimensional approaches.

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Dahlya Brown Shook is owner and CEO of Holistic Medical Healing. She is a Brain Mastery Specialist & Psychic Healer who uses a multidimensional approach to healing with diverse training for mind, body, spirit integration. Dahlya is a bridge to the science and spiritual modalities. The techniques she uses help you to accept, regulate, activate and liberate your sensitive system so you can heal & thrive past your imposed limiting beliefs. She calls this psycho-spiritual brain rewiring.

Dahlya is someone whose teachings are rooted in personal experience. She wasn’t just a healthcare professional, she was also a mental health patient with multiple diagnoses for over 2 decades and has recovered from all of them. She knows first hand the breakdown in traditional healthcare models for treating emotional challenges. Dahlya healed in ways doctors said was impossible and created programs to offer clients (kids & adults) radical transformations for higher health through higher spirituality.

Teaching people to activate their own inner healing capabilities she helps to move people through challenges like self sabotaging patterns, anxiety, addictions, trauma, depression, hair pulling, skin picking, nail biting, body image challenges. Whole body healing is a puzzle and Dahlya puts those pieces together to offer her clients of all ages quantum healing beyond the healthcare model.

Some of her professional training includes Board Certified Occupational Therapist, Certified Integrative Medicine for Mental Health, Trauma Specialist, Holistic Health Coach, Movement Specialist & Self Regulation Specialist.

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