Ep. 179 – Our Fitness Why with Susan Scollen

Let’s explore our why differently.

I’ve been there, I had a goal to start exercising this year for an extrinsic reason, but I kept delaying the start.

When I looked at why I was delaying it, that’s when all my extrinsic stories showed up and they weren’t enough any more.

I had to find my internal why – and what felt good to me. Are you ready to look at things differently?

Let’s inspire each other xo

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Ep. 158 – Anxiety with Susan Scollen

I share with you my journey and experience with anxiety.

How it had moments of beating me down and also the moments where I was able to see the light, see the possibilty of gratitude for the lesson I needed to learn in those moments and take ownership in moving forward.

I also include a beautiful anxiety awareness exercise in this episode, I hope it helps you see the light. 

Be inspired xo

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