Ep. 162 – Human Design, Astrology and Energetics with Amy Lea

Meet Amy Lea. A leader in the Human Design, Astrology and Energetics space.

Amy takes us on her journey, with her autoimmune diagnosis, feeling like she was dying in her corporate roles and finding her soul work.

Amy truly walks her talk and embodies her Human Design in her life and business.

This is something we can all anchor into, to become more us.

Be inspired xo

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Ep. 161 – Digestion in Human Design with Susan Scollen

Human Design tells you more about who you are, and this also applies to your eating and digestion.

Should you fast, eat regularly, eat at the same time every day, eat different meals every day?

These are all questions we wonder about right.

So let’s dive in and discover more about how Human Design can take the guess work out for you.

Let’s inspire each other xo

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The Magic of Human Design with Kylie Wolfig

Ep. 116 – The Magic of Human Design with Kylie Wolfig

Kylie loves Human Design and her energy for it is incredible!

As a Manifesting Generator, there is no one thing for Kylie and she freely leans into all the things that light her up.

Kylie became a Naturopath to aid her own journey with Thyroid Disease and is the founder of Thyroid School where she helps others ignite their purpose while living with a chronic disease.

Her path has also lead her to the magic of Human Design and using Human design to help people live a life aligned to them.

Be inspired.

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