Ep. 162 – Human Design, Astrology and Energetics with Amy Lea

Meet Amy Lea. A leader in the Human Design, Astrology and Energetics space.

Amy takes us on her journey, with her autoimmune diagnosis, feeling like she was dying in her corporate roles and finding her soul work.

Amy truly walks her talk and embodies her Human Design in her life and business.

This is something we can all anchor into, to become more us.

Be inspired xo


Amy Lea is a Business & Soul Energetics Practitioner, Soul Astrologer and Human Design Guide.

Amy guides and mentors business owners and creatives using Human Design, Astrology and energetics.

She is passionate about helping others create energy alignment and cultivate deep self-understanding and reverence, by honouring their unique energy signature.

To find out more about Amy, come over here:

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