Ep. 223 – How to Speak to your Partner with Susan Scollen

When we’ve lost connection with our partners, how do we get it back?

It can be really transformative for us as individuals as well as for our relationships, when we’re our true selves and when we allow our partners to be their true selves as well.

How we see, hear and value a person just for being themselves can make all the difference, and it starts with how we see, hear and value ourselves.

Let’s inspire each other xo

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Ep. 204 – Removing the stigma of addiction with Heather Ross

Heather Ross is a woman whose story is full of heartbreak, healing, love and a call for change.

Heather’s daughter struggled with substance addiction and at first Heather couldn’t navigate how to support her but she realisation that healing, for both herself and her daughter, had to start with love.

When Heather could separate her daughter from her addiction, she could then transform her own life and the relationship she had with her daughter. Now she’s advocating that we can all love on a whole new level.

Be inspired xo

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Ep. 160 – Expectations in Relationships with Susan Scollen

Expectations in relationships can lead us down a rabbit hole of negativity and it has been said that expectations can set us up for failure.

Are expectations running riot in your relationships?

Let’s strip back expectations, redefine what it means to be in an aligned relationship and encourage deeper conversations so everyone can be heard and a deeper level of connection can strengthen your bond. 

Be inspired xo

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Become the One with Cristina Davy

Ep. 88 – Become the One with Cristina Davy

Cristina left her marriage of 15 years, and ended up in a domestic violence situation.

After it was suggested she had a Borderline Personality Disorder, she knew things had to change, she had to become the one.

She went on her journey to become the person she was looking for and along the path found a new career, loved the person she was and found a beautiful soul to spend her time with. Be inspired.

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