Become the One with Cristina Davy

Ep. 88 – Become the One with Cristina Davy

Cristina left her marriage of 15 years, and ended up in a domestic violence situation.

After it was suggested she had a Borderline Personality Disorder, she knew things had to change, she had to become the one.

She went on her journey to become the person she was looking for and along the path found a new career, loved the person she was and found a beautiful soul to spend her time with. Be inspired.

Cristina Davy is a Dating and Relationship Coach, a Speaker and creator of Love Map, a powerful and inspiring group relationship skills program. In Love Map, she takes women through a 6 weeks process of self – discovery to find out how they can attract more love, intimacy and passion into their life.

Her passion to help other women and couples was born when she was able to find a passionate and fulfilling relationship after her 15 years old marriage ended and after going through the hurt and pain of a toxic relationship, which ended in a domestic violence situation.

As a Master NLP Practitioner, Master of Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis, Cristina successfully coaches single women through her personalized one-on-one breakthrough program Become The One, which identifies the root cause of the problem in the relationship or the thought pattern of an individual that’s causing them to push away love rather than attracting or creating it in their life.

Through her mission, Cristina wants to contribute to the creation of more love and togetherness into the world.

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