Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax wraps have become a staple in our home. To be honest I’m the one that uses them the most, and that’s ok.

I wanted a reusable ‘wrap’ alternative to plastic wrap, and these are perfect.

I mainly use them to cover veggies, like onion, in the fridge, but they’re also great to cover bowls like when I’m soaking my almonds to make almond mylk or marinating meat.

The important thing is be gentle with the wraps. Because beeswax can ‘crack’ we want to gently (with the warmth of our hands) mould them onto the bowl or around the fruit, and I try to make as few folds as possible.

Something to be aware of is because the beeswax holds moisture, we can’t use them for dry foods like crackers and chips, because they’ll go soggy. Therefore put them in your glass, airtight containers.

Now I’m not perfect, so plastic wrap is still in our home and we do use it from time to time, so find your balance.

Oh and finally, wipe them down after they’ve been used and store them either flat or folded in your draw. I find they last at least 12 months and my current ones are still going after 2 years.

Head over to Biome or to your health food shop to purchase your fav beeswax wraps. I always buy a few different sizes because you never know what you’re going to need.


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