Peacocks and Paisleys

Peacocks and Paisleys have incredibly beautiful and unique products that are handcrafted in India.

Each piece is handmade and therefore unique – no two pieces are the same.

Priya, the owner of Peacocks and Paisleys, travels to India regularly to oversea the work and create new designs. She often takes videos of how her products are made and you can check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

I was fortunate to meet Priya in 2017. We spent the week together at Tony Robbins Date with Destiny, she was my ‘buddy’ and we’ve stayed in contact ever since.

Priya and her business are magical, so if you’re looking for beautiful, unique home decor then she’s your woman. From bedding to table linen to cushions, throws and rugs you can revamp your home, your holiday home or your camper trailer (next on the list for me!).

I have a beautiful throw from Peacocks and Paisleys on our spare bed. It’s the paisley type design and for me it feels ‘old-worldly’, like just wrapping it around you will make you feel safe, secure and loved.

Head over to Peacocks and Paisleys to find a beautiful design that works for your home, style and family. The way Priya mixes designs is amazing, she’s got a real eye for what’s possible and you’ll see that when you dive into her world!


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