Good On You

Good On You is based in Sydney, Australia and they’re bringing awareness to practices in the Fashion Industry.

I’ve been using the Good On You App and receiving their emails for a number of years now.

I love the work they do to bring ethical and sustainable standards to the Fashion Industry. They’re not the standard makers but they’re shining a light on the practices companies have – the amazing and the not so amazing.

What’s your favourite brand? Search for it in the Good On You app and see if they’re paying a living wage to the companies they work with to make your clothes. Check if they use sustainable practices that support the environment and if they don’t have a look at the amazing alternative companies that are.

Nothing changes if nothing changes, and I can tell you, there are some incredible companies out there doing amazing things to support the people in the fashion industry, the environment and next generation, plus our health now.

The Fashion industry is one of the few industries that still require hands on every part of the production of clothing. Years ago I was fortunate to watch a lady, one lady, in a sock and stocking factory, and her only job was to turn socks inside out all day – all day long!

I know I couldn’t do that job every day, but she did and whilst she was in Australia, paid under Australian law, some people in overseas countries aren’t paid a living wage for the work they’re doing.

Let’s think about that for a moment. They can’t put food on the table for their family or they can’t pay their rent or mortgage or they can’t pay to put their kids in school. Let’s start by doing better in what we consume and when we do, we help others too.

Head over to Good On You and sign up to their newsletter so you can receive helpful information about the companies that we want to cheer on, and download their app, Good On You, and check out the brands that you purchase from, and look at other brands that might be worth purchasing from too!


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