Light up your Soul

and find yourself

Our mind, body and soul can only give so much before we’re empty and depleted – passed out on the bed crying from exhaustion.

We tell ourselves that we have to keep showing up because if we don’t – no one else will and we can be judgy, cranky, rude, resentful, mean…to ourselves, to the people in our home and we look for the people outside of our immediate family to make us feel better.

And if they don’t make us feel better, well we find someone that does!

There’s always someone that can make you feel better, there’s always someone who’ll agree with your story:

Sue: ‘I feel tired all the time’ 

Lacie: ‘Yeah so do I, we give and give and give but no one gives to us.’

Sue: ‘Yeah totally, so I’m going to give to myself, I’m getting my nails done next week – I don’t really need them done but I’m doing it anyway’

Lacie: ‘Good on you for putting yourself first’

Definitely, good on your for putting yourself first, but I want you to consider that this maybe coming from a place of lack and not abundance – and it’s not sustainable because you’re in a cycle of filling yourself up from that crying exhaustion place, a place of desperation that you need to fight for.

This could be an old version of yourself. You may have had to fight to become the person you are, to: 

  • Get out of a bad relationship
  • Lose weight after having a baby
  • Get the sleep you need on a regular basis.

It could be your every day, that you feel like you’ve been running on empty since life became fuller with a: 

  • Partner, husband, wife
  • First child
  • Then second
  • Then third
  • Full time job, business
  • Mortgage
  • Bills
  • Birthdays, Christmas, Easter
  • Holidays

The cycle never ends.

You look to your left and to your right – they look like they’ve got it all together, so what’s wrong with me?

There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re doing amazing however it might be time to ask for help. It might be time to say ‘I want my life to look differently’ and to go and explore what that is (tune in on Thursday 7 Jan to my Holistic Health Podcast and the Beginner Health Sessions to get support on how to do that).

Your brain is going to tell you ‘it’s too hard’ and  ‘life is already hard enough’ but what if it wasn’t too hard and what if it could make your life easier, better, more loving, more fun?

Would you be willing to make the shift towards easier, better, more loving and more fun?

Abundance and living the life of your dreams starts with putting yourself first first. Yes I intentionally said first twice, so read that again:

Abundance and living the life of your dreams starts with putting yourself first first.

Your brain is probably telling you that it’s selfish and that I’m here to look after others. But how can you look after others if you’re exhausted on the bed crying?

How are you looking after others if you’re resentful, angry, judgy, cranky, rude, mean – is that being who you truly want to be?

I’m inviting you to fill your cup up first.

I’m inviting you to create more peace, calm, love, fun and happiness in your home – and in your life.

I’m inviting you to become more you.

I’m inviting you to live the life of your dreams – right where you are.

I‘m inviting you to light up your soul.

I’m inviting you to create your own Soul Hour. The first 5 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour of your day – that’s just for you. That’s your time and you get to do anything that lights you up.

Are you ready?

Your first step is to read my 7 Keys to Happiness, and apply them to your life – in the way that resonates with you, not me, not your bestie, you.

Your second step is to come over to my Facebook group Holistic Health with Susan Scollen and join my Soul Hour. We kick off on Monday 11 January. You can get a taste for it, try it on for size and start building your own whilst supported by a community of people who love their Soul Hour.

Are you ready to light up your soul and feel more peaceful, calm, loving, fun and happy, with your life – right where you are?

Join me, join my Soul Hour Community and – let’s do this!!

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