Embrace your uniqueness

with My Intuition & Manifestation 10-part Podcast Series

We’re all unique and therefore how we communicate with our intuition and how we manifest is also unique. We’re told to ‘follow our gut’ but what if that’s not how our intuition speaks to us, and what if we follow it and it doesn’t work – over and over again, we’re going to think we’re not good at this ‘intuition’ and ‘manifestation’ stuff, like Cathi Marcus said in Episode 268 ‘I thought it wasn’t for me.’

Over My Intuition & Manifestation 10-part Podcast Series you’re going to hear from myself and 8 other incredible people who share their unique intuition communication method, how they manifest and how they know the difference between their ego and their intuition.

Then in episode 269, I wrap up the series including my takeaways and how resistance shows up for some of my guests, and I know you’ll resonate with this.

As you’re tuning in, be inspired by what you’re listening to and tune into your own body to uncover:

  • What intuition means to you
  • How your intuition communicates with you
  • What’s your manifestation process
  • What’s the difference for you between ego and intuition, and
  • What are you currently manifesting, and what’s the gap between who you are now and the person who has/is the manifestation of that thing/place/person

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Enjoy your journey of discovery and share with me what resonated with you in the comments of the podcast episode.

Soulfully, Susan





Ep 260 – Intuition & Manifestation with Susan Scollen

I kick off my 10 part Intuition & Manifestation 10 part series which includes interviews with 8 incredible guests, who’ll share their knowledge and support you in creating your Soul Life.

In this episode, I share with you what you can expect through this series and I answer the same questions my guests do, sharing how my intuition speaks to me and my manifestation process.



Ep. 261 – Intuition & Manifestation with Gretchen Hernandez

Visualisation is an incredible tool that we use to move us into a different state, but have you thought about using it to connect with your intuition and manifest your dream life? This is what Gretchen does.

She also draws her visualisation, taking it out of her mind and bringing it to life in a way that serves her. Be blown away by what she’s manifested.




Ep. 262 – Intuition & Manifestation with Eleni Mitas

When do our dreams become reality? For Eleni, it’s when she decides. She gets super clear on what’ll bring her joy and she’s all in. Then she lets go and the universe brings her what she needs to create it.

Of course, there’s work she needs to do, but it’s divinely guided work and she’s the instrument to put it into action.

Eleni shares with us her unique manifestation process.




Ep. 263 – Intuition & Manifestation with Erica Bowron

Erica loves the science behind manifestation and how we can all become our you-ist you.

Erica actively uses her 4 step manifestation process to manifest what her intuition is guiding her to create in the world, and she shares it with us today.

Erica knows that our world is full of infinite possibilities, that what we only see about 2% of our realm, so what about that 98%, are you ready to find out? 




Ep. 264 – Intuition & Manifestation with Kylie Wolfig

When Kylie’s body clicks she knows somethings coming. She doesn’t know what it is, but she gets curious and watches what unfolds.

Kylie’s also very active in her manifestation process, knowing that when she’s creating and co-creating, with her husband, it’s about doing things that support what they’re working towards manifesting, not sitting and waiting for it to all unfold.




Ep. 265 – Intuition & Manifestation with Tess Palma-Martinez

Tess guides us into our shadow side, and how through trusting our intuition and claiming what we want in life, she reminds us that there will always be a shadow side.

Our shadows aren’t something to run from, but something to embrace as we continue to evolve and grow. Because we’re always evolving and growing, as we move from our foundation up the various floors of our life.




Ep. 266 – Intuition & Manifestation with Shaun Randall

The universe asks Shaun questions, which takes him on a journey, and his answers create his own guidance for where he needs to go next.

And it’s in the doing of the little things that creates the intention and connection to the universe because through doing these little things, we become limitless.

We become truly us, authentically us and we manifest our greatest desires.




Ep. 267 – Intuition & Manifestation with Maureen Kafkis

As a 2/4 Splenic Projector, Maureen’s intuition puts a wall up to protect her when it’s a hard no. If she doesn’t listen to it, a series of events unfold that make Maureen wish she’d tuned in.

Maureen also knows that to manifest anything in our lives, we can’t be the same person when we bring that thing in, and we have to let go of expectations about what that thing or things will be.





Ep. 268 – Intuition & Manifestation with Cathi Marcus

When Cathi’s intuition communicates with her it’s through a knowing. It rises through her chakras and presents to her as a thought or idea.

She also has a strong yes and no, she knows which way things are meant to go, when she’s channeling.

Creating this connection to her intuition came through her opening, giving herself permission to explore what could be to become uniquely her.





Ep. 269 – Intuition & Manifestation with Susan Scollen

Can you believe that it’s time wrap up My Intuition & Manifestation 10 part series? It’s gone so quickly and I’ve loved every episode!

Today I share your takeaways and what you’ve learnt along the way, my takeaways from each of my 8 amazing interviews and how resistance shows up for some of my guests, do you struggle with resistance too?

Embrace your uniqueness xo