Ep. 266 – Intuition & Manifestation with Shaun Randall

The universe asks Shaun questions, which takes him on a journey, and his answers create his own guidance for where he needs to go next.

And it’s in the doing of the little things that creates the intention and connection to the universe because through doing these little things, we become limitless.

We become truly us, authentically us and we manifest our greatest desires.

Embrace your uniqueness xo


More about Shaun

Shaun Randall is the author of The Manifestation Method, Letters from LimaA Peace of My Mind and Words Like Wine.

The Manifestation Method addresses our desire to find inner peace while achieving a successful and prosperous life, while teaching you how to harness creative quantum energy to create the life you were always meant to live. Discover your true self in spite of the many false options that modern life sells us, and build a life of abundance, fulfillment, and joy.

Shaun aims to help people find inner peace and contentment amidst the chaos of modern life.

Ancient Latin American wisdom and Eastern philosophies permeate Shaun’s work while he employs a dry sense of humor and a Zen-like deadpan.

His unique style encourages us to look inward in order to make decisions for ourselves, rather than be swayed by external influences.

Through Shaun’s writing, he strives to help people choose their own path and embrace the miracle that is reality.

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