Ep. 267 – Intuition & Manifestation with Maureen Kafkis

As a 2/4 Splenic Projector, Maureen’s intuition puts a wall up to protect her when it’s a hard no. If she doesn’t listen to it, a series of events unfold that make Maureen wish she’d tuned in.

Maureen also knows that to manifest anything in our lives, we can’t be the same person when we bring that thing in, and we have to let go of expectations about what that thing or things will be.

Embrace your uniqueness xo


More about Maureen

Maureen Kafkis is the host of the Brain BS Podcast. The podcast where thought work, emotional intelligence  and Universal Law come together to empower humans to cut the crap and finally master their brain BS.

Maureen’s a doctor of occupational therapy, a certified life coach, and an expert on brain BS. Her mission is to motivate humans to learn how to live consciously and manage their minds on purpose so they can create a fulfilling life free of needless suffering.

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