My Pillars of Health

nourishing our bodies

We all have our own version of what health looks like to us, and I believe that we all have core pillars of health – our foundations that are true for us. I also believe that we have a lot of similarities in our pillars but how we choose to implement them can be different.

So what are your core pillars? Have you ever thoughts about what a core pillar is or do you just live your life within the foundations of what’s been built for you – or the foundations you’ve built for yourself?

And I’m going to ask you, who’s foundations are they? You’ll probably say ‘drrrr Susan, they’re mine of course’ but did you choose them or are you following others footsteps?

The good news is we all follow others to some degree – even when we’re doing the opposite, we’re using someone else to find our opposite. It’s ok, because we’re all connected, and we’re all here to grow with each other.

It’s in our differences we find our truth and this is also where we stretch and grow.

My pillars of health have evolved as I’ve learnt more about myself, and the biggest evolution is what I’ve implemented within my pillars.

My 8 Pillars of Health are:

  1. Fitness
  2. Mindset
  3. Nutrition
  4. Nourishment
  5. Relationships
  6. Career
  7. Finances
  8. Home

And I measure my happiness within each pillar.

Happiness has been a key measure for me, especially through my journey with Postnatal Depression. I would wake up each day and ask myself ‘am I happy today?’, often the answer was no, but one day I woke up and I thoughts ‘yes, I’m happy’ and that made me smile.

So I work on happiness and smiles, how do you measure your happiness??

When I think about each pillar, I can see the evolution within them, for example:

  • Fitness used to be netball, walking, running, hill climbs and gym sessions. Now its walking and soon I’ll bring back in weight sessions at the gym.
  • Mindset, to be honest until 6 years ago mindset was ego for me. Now it’s very much letting go, meditation, being kind, listening, personal development work like studying, reading and podcasts, and holding space for others.
  • Nutrition in the past was being a vegetarian – and sometimes an unhealthy one at that! Now its very much plant based, with some beef and chicken, eggs, gluten free and dairy free, except when life happens and then I just go with it. I also love organic teas (Love Tea is a fav, their Liquorice Love is amazing for my emotional solar plexus). I also choose not to drink alcohol or soft drinks, again life can happen but its not my norm.
  • Nourishment – this is all about how I support my body. In the past that was through western medicine, which was very supportive. Now I choose eastern approaches like essential oils, herbs, intuitive healing, mediums and going inwards – because I innately know what my body needs, sometimes I need support to bring that through. This is also how I nourish others, those in need and giving back to the world is so important to me.
  • Relationships have certainly evolved for me, and I’m going to focus on the relationship with myself here. I used to push myself so hard, every day and wonder why I needed so much down time. I can’t say I’m fully reformed but I am working on it. I’m kinder to myself, I enjoy connecting with others and the light they bring into my life, I take time out for myself each day to fill my cup and generally, I let a lot of things go.
  • Career, I had the idea that I was ‘supposed’ to be with one company for forever, but that never worked for me. Then I had the idea that I had to be in corporate – and that worked for a while but honestly I didn’t fit the mould. Now its about doing the things that light me up, that my intuition guides me towards and being unapologetic for it.
  • Finances, I used to hang on tight to them, I knew every cent coming in and going out – I was the person people would come to for cash flow management advice. Over the last few years I’ve let the reigns go and now its time to get back into it (you could say my happiness and smiles level on this one is low – because I know I can improve) so watch this space. It won’t be the same as before, I’m looking forward to sharing the newer version of me with you.
  • Home, well again I had an idea about how this should ‘be’ and we’ve flipped it on it’s head this year – YAY!! We’re moving to the beach and we have a gorgeous home, that’s generous but minimalist. I know that home is where we make it and I can’t wait for this adventure!

So what’re your Pillars of Health and how do you measure them? Are you open to learning?

Head on over to Holistic Health with Susan Scollen and share your pillars with me, or leave a comment below. I’m keen to hear what lights you up and what’s next for you on your journey xo

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