Ep. 170 – Qi Food Therapy with Kimberly Ashton

Meet Kimberly, an incredibly inspiring woman who’s loves teaching and educating people about Chinese Medicine and the power that when we are in alignment with the 5 Elements, our bodies love us for it.

Alignment isn’t just about food, but this plays a big part, especially when we’re starting out on our journey.

Kimberly also shares why ‘good soil’ is important and how you can begin cultivating yours.

Be inspired xo


Kimberly Ashton is a 5 Elements Wellness coach focusing on intuitive eating, food therapy and food energetics.

She spent over 16 years in Greater China including Shanghai, 8 of which she co-owned China’s first health food store & teaching kitchen.

After closing the store and kitchen classroom in 2017 she taught Food Energetics & Food Therapy nutrition at Yoga teacher trainings and retreats in Thailand, China and Japan.

In 2020, she launched Qi Food Therapy her new brand and platform teaching modalities and coaching for how to “balance life energy” through food, movement & emotional wellness. She also hosts online courses and workshops.

In 2019 she published her second book “Chinese Superfoods” which encourages new generations of food therapy enthusiasts to explore Asian traditional foods, everyday ingredients & get back in the kitchen. It has sold over 7000 copies and is in its 2nd reprint in Mandarin Chinese.

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