Ep. 178 – Healing through Menopause with Sharon Myers

Sharon was in the pharmaceutical industry for over two decades learning all about the human body and how it works.

When perimenopause came into play, Sharon’s path completely shifted and what she discovered for herself as she got into the depths of menopause, around weightloss, autoimmune disease and a number of other issues the doctors told her were normal, led her to healing herself, and now she is dedicated to helping other women persue healing too.

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Sharon Myers is a certified Health and Life Coach, and founder and creator of the Midlife Weight Loss Formula.

She supports women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s going through “the change” struggling to lose the weight they have gained as they have gone through this midlife transition. She help them to reclaim their sexy selves and finally achieve their goal of sustained weight loss, without the deprivation of giving up the foods they love, and without the frustration of trying things that just don’t work anymore.

After facing her own struggles with weight loss resistance, she was able to figure out the root cause of what was blocking ALL her weight loss efforts, and by addressing this root cause, she was finally able to set herself up for weight loss success.

Sharon’s now passionate about sharing this with as many women as she can by showing them exactly how she did it, so they too, can reclaim their sexy selves and get back to living the life of their dreams, no matter what age they are.

This is what led Sharon to create the methodology she now uses to help women in midlife, successfully lose weight and sustain it for the long term.

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