Ep. 180 – The World of Aphantasia with Sassy Smith

Sassy Smith is a woman on the fore front of raising awareness for the world of Aphantasia.

Aphantasia is the inability to visualise or create images in your mind.

Sassy was born with Aphantasia but only became aware of it recently.

Her journey in researching Aphantasia and knowledge of it is captivating, as is her work in the world now in coaching people who know they have Aphantasia and people who don’t quite know it yet, as well as training other professionals to extend the reach of support to Aphants around the world.

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Sassy is a qualified coach with more than 25 years experience and the founder of The Aphantasia Academy.

In 2015, Sassy read a Facebook post which completely changed her understanding of how her mind works and it led her to discover that she has Aphantasia and a blind mind’s eye. 

This means she can’t visualise.

What she also learnt was that she has a specific set of neurological conditions which prevent her from not only being able to look backwards at her life but also from being able to envisage her future.

As a qualified coach, she knew that visualisation practices are widely used in all types of coaching and other health and wellbeing spaces, that if someone couldn’t utilise the power of these techniques, they would feel blocked.

Aphantasia got it’s name in 2015, which means it’s still really early days and whilst there’s lots of research going on, there’s lots of work to do for people who are challenged with this now.

Sassy is on a mission to raise awareness of Aphantasia and associated neurological conditions, plus support Aphantasic women to experience the transformative power of coaching without the barriers and frustrations which come with traditional visualisation techniques.

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