Ep. 186 – Unlimited Abundance with Adrienne Rivera

Adrienne Rivera is a truely energetic soul fuelled by seeking fulfilment in every single day.

Once priding herself with a busy lifestyle, Adrienne hit rock bottom with anxiety, confusion and a binge eating disorder.

Adrienne has now made the shift to slowing down and harnessing her superpowers of Breathwork and Creative Expression into being an Intuitive Business Coach with an array of support tools and modalities for her clients – all based on fulfilment and letting everything flow.

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Adrienne Rivera is a Spiritual Business Coach who specializes in teaching healers and coaches how to create a six-figure business online. 

She started her coaching journey as an online fitness + mindset coach, grew it to a 6 figure business, and discovered her passion and talent for business coaching. 

She supports her clients with growing and scaling their purpose-driven business by hosting online events and building their email lists. 

Adrienne focuses on helping her clients find alignment with their business on a soul level with breathwork. 

She is the founder of Breath of Gold–a breathwork company that hosts weekly breathwork and also trains breathwork facilitators. 

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