KISS with Susan Scollen

Ep. 19 – KISS with Susan Scollen

Hi, it’s me Susan, your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, wanted to be happy. During her post-natal depression journey, she woke up each day asking herself ‘do I feel happy today?’. Initially the answer was no, but then one day her body told her ‘yes’.

In this episode, I share with you one of the tools I use to create the sustainable change I want in my life. KISS – Keep it Simple and Sustainable – is key to creating the life you want because when we go ‘all in’ – we don’t last, we burn out, but when we take it one step at a time, looking at what we want to create, getting curious about our mindset, diving into our why and then taking action towards what we want – we can achieve anything.

Are you ready to create sustainable change? Let’s dive in.


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