Ep. 194 – Self-Honouring with Zahra McLaughlin

Zahra McLaughlin’s truly a beautiful soul on the other side of many life challenges.

She’s experienced a strict religious upbringing, family turmoil, crippling anxiety, living for others, relationship challenges and being hit by a car, Zahra’s life lessons and life changing moments are a true testament to who she has become on her journey of discovering self-awareness and healing.

Today Zahra helps people find and embody their true essence and reconnect with and honour their inner child. 

Be inspired xo


Zahra McLaughlin’s a woman deeply committed to her own empowerment, and the empowerment of those around her.

She’s a rehabilitated people-pleaser, and has danced, or crawled, her way out of anxiety, fear, and doubt over and over, through self-knowledge, self-responsibility, and self-love, and is now inspired to help others to help themselves too.

She believes in both the strength of the empowered individual, and in the empowered collective, and believes in a more beautiful world of loved-up, and joyful humans, who know and own their power and potential.

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