Ep. 196 – Thriving Mid-life Health with Margot Shute

Margot Shute’s an incredible woman who’s moved through PCOS, menopause, diabetes and stress on her journey to finding mid-life health.

After a rocky road of weight and health issues from a young age, Margot reminds us that weight is not the issue, but a symptom of the issue.

Margot shares how debilitating shame can be on our lives, especially when we’re shamed for being a certain weight and it directly affects our self-esteem.

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Margot Shute’s a Certified Holistic Health and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner.

She helps women in midlife shed stubborn pounds and eliminate belly fat using her signature coaching program: The Midlife Weight Loss Fix for Women, so they can gain energy, feel confident and age gracefully.

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