Ep. 228 – Running with Fibromyalgia with Julie Anna Johnson

What if your dream was to run a half marathon but you had fibromyalgia and lived with chronic pain? Julie Anna ran it anyway.

Running helps her process the things she’s holding onto and it’s brought in a beautiful community of runners. Plus that half marathon brought in her next love – trail running.

We never know where our journey’s going to go, and we’ll never know, especially if we don’t start. 

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Julie Anna is a dreamer, life long learner, an artist and an athlete who’s found freedom from chronic pain through movement. 

Ten years ago, Julie Anna needed a walker for long distances. However, in 2021 she ran a half marathon. 

Julie Anna’s a certified life coach through The Life Coach School. Learning how her thoughts created her results in her life has been game changing for her.  

Julie Anna’s coaching practice helps others discover how to thrive with chronic pain by doing six simple thing every day.

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