Ep. 272 – Ancestral Love with Maria De Luna

Maria, an Ancestral Witch, has come into her higher self through incredible loss in her life.

Choosing to go on her journey, rather than hide and protect herself, she’s cracked wide open and in doing so is raising the vibration of the world.

Maria shares with us her thoughts on high vibrational relationships, how we have to look after ourselves first and how our Ancestors are there to love and guide us .

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Maria de luna is an ancestral witch and spiritual tech queen. She shows women all over the world how to balance life and work without all the tech headaches.

Maria’s journey has been a tapestry woven from threads of ancestral wisdom, spiritual awakenings, and the resilience of the human spirit. It began with a harrowing experience that unlocked her gifts and set her on a path of discovery, growth, and transformation.

As a guiding light for 100s of clients worldwide, Maria gracefully channels the essence of spiritual alignment, body-consciousness, and mindful self-awareness, weaving a soul-nourishing tapestry that fosters a deep connection to the inner child within each individual. Embrace the transformative power of Maria’s, and brace yourself to embark on a journey towards self-discovery!

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