Ep. 281 – Unlocking Anger with Pete Beskas

Pete used anger as a tool to be heard. Anger was effective for him to achieve things until one day he saw himself in the mirror and realised things had to change.

He immediately got help and has been on an incredible journey of healing for himself and his loved ones.

On his journey. Pete realised that once he unlocked anger, he could see a mirage of other emotions that were hidden under the covers.

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Pete Beskas is a certified life coach, best selling author, podcaster, speaker, mentor, husband, and father.

Pete uses the tools he’s gathered over 20yrs of his successful career in the corporate energy sector, entrepreneurial endeavours, and personal achievements to teach other men how to overcome adversity so that they can enjoy the life they have created.

His passion to work with men comes from his own struggles and personal mission to teach the tools and techniques that weren’t taught to him in the traditional “schools” of life.

As a one-on-one mentor, Pete empowers men to embrace and implement tools that work in everyday life and lead to powerful, personal results.


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