Ep. 282 – Trust Yourself with Joseph Bennett

As Joseph reflected on what his New Years Resolution would be he felt fear come up. Then he asked himself what the opposite of fear was, and the answer was trust.

He decided to dive into trust for 12 months and see what he could create and it transformed his whole life – he’s still trusting, and that’s 10 years later!

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Joseph Bennett is an improv actor, author, poet, podcaster, co-founder of San Miguel Retreats, assemblage artist and an inspiring creativity coach.

His podcast Are You Waiting for Permission? has been downloaded nearly 15,000 times and listeners have described it as “motivating, inspiring… heartfelt and enriching.” 

Joseph’s 5th book Trust with a Capital T was born out of an inspired New Year’s Resolution made nearly a decade ago. It was be released on August 6, 2023.


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