You're not alone with Deanna Walker

Ep. 96 – You’re not alone with Deanna Walker

You’re not alone, even though living with an alcoholic is never easy and as a mum with two young children, Deanna knew that she needed to find herself and believe she could have the life she deserved.

Deanna didn’t leave after the first, second or third time, but she did leave and she swore she’s help others to find themselves and believe they’re worthy of the life they desire too.

Be inspired.

Deanna is changing the dynamic of life coaching by being one of the first-ever to offer help to spouses or partners of alcoholics. 

Deanna Marie Coaching was developed by her own experience as a wife of an alcoholic for over 20 years.  

During her marriage Deanna looked for help in her relationship by going to through the traditional paths of Alanon, group counseling and therapy.   

She was looking for guidance on how to help herself in the relationship. She understood she couldn’t change her partner, but she needed more skills to help herself and stop the codependency of living with an alcoholic. 

She promised herself years ago that if she ever got out of that situation she would help women in a similar position. 

Deanna understands the fears and desires of women living in these relationships.  She knows that the primary issue for partners is that they lose themselves because they are focused on their alcoholic.  

Her first goal is to empower these women to feel strong and confident internally and with that power they will make the best decisions for themselves and their relationship. 

“If I can help just one woman realise that she deserves to have a better life whether they choose to stay or leave their partner, then it will all be worth it.” – Deanna Walker

Deanna is now a successful entrepreneur and hopes that she can be a role model for other women married to alcoholics.

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