Ep. 159 – It doesn’t Matter with Susan Scollen

We worry that we need to make the ‘right’ decision, but it doesn’t really matter what we decide, what matters is that we decide.

You can choose yoga, running, kinesiology, Reiki, meditation, whatever lights you up – for now. Then try it, see what happens and if you don’t like it – do something different.

Deciding is a choice, are you ready to let go of worry and make a decision? 

Let’s inspire each other xo

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To Do List with Susan Scollen

Ep. 121 – To Do Lists with Susan Scollen

To Do Lists, we all have them, but if you really look at the things that are on your to do list, are they there for the sake of doing them or are they there because they’re things that are in alignment with you?

Let’s strip back our to do lists and bring in things that fall under our key values and set ourselves up for success.

Let’s inspire each other.

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Accountability with Susan Scollen

Ep. 113 – Accountability with Susan Scollen

Keeping ourselves accountable isn’t as easy as getting someone else to keep us accountable but you can still cancel on them. You can say ‘sorry can’t do it today’ and you think there’s no harm – but in fact you’ve let yourself down, not the other person.

Are you ready to turn up for yourself and get shit done?

Let’s inspire each other.

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Advocating your needs with Kristen Jawad

Ep. 110 – Advocating Your Needs with Kristen Jawad

Kristen is a Healthcare Representative, Wellness Educator and Birth and Post-Partum Doula and encourages you to be advocating for your needs.

Kristen’s courageous journey through a difficult post-partum period has led her to supporting mums and families with post-partum and mood disorders.

Kirsten is an advocate for two aspects of support in parenting – educational and emotional and is passionate about learning how to identify and communicate feelings and needs. Be inspired.

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Why with Susan Scollen

Ep. 109 – Why with Susan Scollen

What’s your why?

Do you even know that you need a why? Can I just have a goal?

To achieve anything we want in life – and yes that can just be going to the shops to get milk for our kids – we always have a why and the ones that sustain us, that keep us going are the ones that come from within us.

Let’s inspire each other.

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Happy Healing with Parul Mahajan

Ep. 108 – Happy Healing with Parul Mahajan

Parul is on her own incredible self discovery journey and has found her progress has come leaps and bounds since accepting her trauma as a part of her life and learning the tools to support her healing.

An Engineering Solutions Marketer in the corporate world by day, Parul is also a Certified Life Coach, Reike Practicer and Breakthwork Facilitator and her passion lies in helping women connect with themselves to gain back love and power.

It all starts with love and kindness. Be inspired.

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Values with Susan Scollen

Ep. 107 – Values with Susan Scollen

Our values live in our back pocket or in our hearts, they’re something we carry with us everywhere and when we use them to make decisions and act from them we create more energy in our lives.

Also, when we’re out of alignment with our values we get depleted and end up on the couch exhausted – sound familiar?

Let’s inspire each other.

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Motivation with Susan Scollen

Ep. 101 – Motivation with Susan Scollen

I just don’t feel motivated – we say that a lot right?

And yes it can be an excuse but in reality you haven’t tapped into your intrinsic motivation for why you want to achieve something.

We’re often doing things because we’re told to do them or because we think we should do them, but that’s going to keep us sitting on the couch.

Let’s inspire each other.

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It was all meant be with Susan Scollen

Ep. 100 – It was all meant to be with Susan Scollen

In this special 100th episode, our very own host, Susan Scollen is interviewed by guest host and foundational member, Mel Oxman.

Susan speaks her soul language and dives deep into her journey transitioning from her 9-5 job, finding her soul work, letting go of control and uplifiting women on their journey beyond post natal journey.

Be inspired.

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Being Healthy with Susan Scollen

Ep. 99 – Being Healthy with Susan Scollen

Being Healthy is all about how you define it.

It’s not how I define it, nor the media or the next diet book.

It’s completely and utterly up to you and it looks different for everyone.

In today’s episode I give you the tools to define what being healthy means to you and share with you the biggest lies you’ve been told about what being healthy is supposed to be.

Let’s inspire each other

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