Empowering Sleep with Michele Osorio

Ep. 136 – Empowering Sleep with Michele Osorio

Sleep is so important, but are you getting enough and are you creating the right habits to optimise your sleep?

Michele Osorio loves all things restorative and sleep related.

She weaves together Sleep Coaching, Guided Meditation and Hypnosis with her clients to change habits, calm the chaos of the mind and connect to the still, small voice and lead people all around the world down the path to getting restorative sleep.

Be inspired.

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sleep and crying showers


I hate being woken up.

I love to wake up of my own accord, feeling refreshed or not, but just waking up when my body tells me it’s time to wake up.

I love not having to get out of bed for anything, knowing that I have things on for my day but I get to choose when I actually get out of bed.

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