Vibrational Jewellery

Allow this beautiful vibrational jewellery to support and guide you, as it’s ancient wisdom knows best.

I was on a podcast with Maria De Luna. This was the second time we’d been on a call together because she interviewed me for her podcast and I interviewed her for my podcast (links below). I had noticed her necklace on our first chat but hadn’t said anything, but it had been on my mind.

When we met for the second time she had this gorgeous pendant on. I stopped the conversation, asked her everything about it and knew I needed to have a Kate King Jewellery pendant.

Maria gave me her Kate King Jewellery’s Independent Vibrational Consultants details, and I booked in with Leigh Ann the following week.

The rest is history.

I now own a beautiful piece of Kate King Vibrational Jewellery, not the one pictured because they’re no longer selling it, but it’s a beautiful piece of Indigo Warrior and Tanzanite that is a Storm Element (you’ll learn more about this in your consultation) which opens and activates my throat, third eye, crown and soul star chakra (5th dimension chakra) and is about self-mastery. There is so much more to tell you about this jewellery, but I’ll leave it to your imagination!

To find out more about Kate King Jewellery, either go to Kate King Jewellery or book in with Leigh Ann and she can guide you through everything you need to know and help you selelct the perfect piece for you:


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