Ep. 190 – Empowered Caregiving with Dawn Renee Potvin

Dawn, an Energy Doula and Holistic Caregiver, became an empowered caregiver after she was bed bound due to a number of serious conditions.

After healing herself, she became a carer for a woman with ASD for seven years.

Dawn experienced the challenges of being a full time carer and going through the process of loosing herself and finding herself again.

Dawn now supports and advocates for carers encouraging them to choose themselves first.

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Dawn Renee is the founder of Traveling Caregivers, an Energy Doula and Holistic caregiver who struggled for most of her life to understand the triggers and the misalignment that were causing her to experience migraines, allergies, Endometriosis, auto immune disorder, Type 2 Diabetes, Lyme, Epstein Bar, mold exposure, gallstones and chronic fatigue, found herself bedridden for 30 days.

When she was able to recover and stand again it became her Soul’s mission to share her passion and experiences in hopes to bring encouragement and healing to others.

As a live-in holistic caregiver Dawn has an intimate understanding of the daily energetic needs of being a caregiver. She is passionate about holding space and empowering caregivers to work with natural elements and holistic approaches to find their energy, overcome burnout and create a map to optimal wellness.

Dawn created a journal called I C.A.R.E. for herself as a way to map her truths and now offers this to her clients, groups and workshops. She is a speaker and advocate for Caregivers and Caregiving concerns. 

Dawn brings a creative and innovative approach to caregiving and is passionate about Caring for the Caregiver.

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