Ep. 270 – Mindful Moments with Heidi Horne

What if we could create mindfulness in one magical minute? And what if that magical minute had a ripple effect out into your whole family, and your life?

Heidi broke her arm, and after years of helping others be mindful she had to put everything into practice to create her new mindful place.

Heidi helps us remember that mindfulness doesn’t have to be hard and we can start being mindful at any age.

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Heidi Horne is a mindset specialist, speaker and mindfulness and meditation coach.  She is a powerful speaker bringing 17+ years experience, an in-depth knowledge and contagious passion for mindfulness, resilience and positive mindset to the stage to ignite any audience – from the corporate stage, to school auditoriums, and into podcasts and media interviews. 

Heidi is the author of two books that are globally published, including the popular children’s book, MindFlip – Emotional Toolbox and Positive Mindset for Kids and Teens.

Heidi’s mission is for every Australian to know how to create a daily mindfulness habit. She will teach YOU how to bring it into your everyday life. A mindfulness habit can start with ONE MAGICAL MINUTE.

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