Success with Susan Scollen

Ep. 97 – Success with Susan Scollen

There’s a version of success that we’re told about, a constant narrative so to speak but is that really your definition of success?

It’s not until we sit down and really anchor into what’s true for us, how we define success, that we can start to get clear on what we actually want and therefore take aligned action towards it.

Let’s inspire each other

Hi, it’s me Susan, your Health & Life Coach, and the Beginner Health Sessions.

I’m passionate about encouraging you to create more health and wellness in your life. Health creates choices – and I believe we have more choices when we’re living in alignment with our soul.

I work with mums to find their happiness within – not in chocolate or wine or exercise or the next quick fix. After having post natal depression, I chose to dig myself out of my big black hole and move from a life I hated to one I love, using happiness as my guide. You can find out more about me here.

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Here are your Success journaling prompts – let me know how you go!

  • What would you personally like to achieve in your life? 
  • Get crystal clear with each think you’d like to achieve:
    • How many bedrooms does that home have
    • How many children, and what do they look like, what do they love doing (knowing you’ll love them regardless)
    • What kind of car do you want to own
    • What holidays do you go on, describe them.
  • Who would you like around you when you achieve it?
  • Who will you become on your journey to achieving them?
  • Who will you be if you don’t achieve them?
  • Who will you be if you do achieve them?

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