Advocating your needs with Kristen Jawad

Ep. 110 – Advocating Your Needs with Kristen Jawad

Kristen is a Healthcare Representative, Wellness Educator and Birth and Post-Partum Doula and encourages you to be advocating for your needs.

Kristen’s courageous journey through a difficult post-partum period has led her to supporting mums and families with post-partum and mood disorders.

Kirsten is an advocate for two aspects of support in parenting – educational and emotional and is passionate about learning how to identify and communicate feelings and needs. Be inspired.

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Gifts by Susan Scollen


Teddy turns 8 next month, yep 8, where did that go! 

He’s been my greatest teacher, and continues to give me many gifts. As I sat on the couch with him yesterday I said to him ‘you and Dad are my greatest gifts.’ 

To which he said – ‘which one do you like better?’ LOL

How do you answer that?

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Easy by Susan Scollen


We all want life to be easy.

  • Why does Cherry speak so loudly everyone can hear her business – doesn’t she know ‘we don’t care?’
  • Why does my Mum have to be so difficult when it comes to Christmas lunch, it’s not like we don’t have our own family obligations too.
  • Why does my brother always pick a fight with my husband, we know they polar opposites, why doesn’t he get it?
  • Why does food labelling have to be so detailed – can you just tell me what I’m eating and if it’s actually good for my body?
  • Why can’t I have a wine in peace without the kids always wanting me?
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There is no right or wrong with Susan Scollen

Ep. 103 – There is no right or wrong with Susan Scollen

There is no right or wrong – in most instances.

When we start to see that there’s no right or wrong, it gives us permission to be curious about life and what’s coming into our lives, and we get to learn more.

Being right or perfect, blocks us from the billions of other ways we can create things in our lives so today, I’m encouraging you to let go and get curious.

Let’s inspire each other.

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Empowering your Pregnancy with Emmie Strassberg

Ep. 102 – Empowering your Pregnancy with Emmie Strassberg

Emmie Strassberg empowers women to take ownership of all aspects of their pregnancy journey.

A women’s experience is what matters most, and knowing that they can create the experience they want really supports them physically and mentally.

Having a baby is life changing, and we can do this with love and positivity.

Be inspired.

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Motivation with Susan Scollen

Ep. 101 – Motivation with Susan Scollen

I just don’t feel motivated – we say that a lot right?

And yes it can be an excuse but in reality you haven’t tapped into your intrinsic motivation for why you want to achieve something.

We’re often doing things because we’re told to do them or because we think we should do them, but that’s going to keep us sitting on the couch.

Let’s inspire each other.

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It was all meant be with Susan Scollen

Ep. 100 – It was all meant to be with Susan Scollen

In this special 100th episode, our very own host, Susan Scollen is interviewed by guest host and foundational member, Mel Oxman.

Susan speaks her soul language and dives deep into her journey transitioning from her 9-5 job, finding her soul work, letting go of control and uplifiting women on their journey beyond post natal journey.

Be inspired.

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Being Healthy with Susan Scollen

Ep. 99 – Being Healthy with Susan Scollen

Being Healthy is all about how you define it.

It’s not how I define it, nor the media or the next diet book.

It’s completely and utterly up to you and it looks different for everyone.

In today’s episode I give you the tools to define what being healthy means to you and share with you the biggest lies you’ve been told about what being healthy is supposed to be.

Let’s inspire each other

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Success with Susan Scollen

Ep. 97 – Success with Susan Scollen

There’s a version of success that we’re told about, a constant narrative so to speak but is that really your definition of success?

It’s not until we sit down and really anchor into what’s true for us, how we define success, that we can start to get clear on what we actually want and therefore take aligned action towards it.

Let’s inspire each other

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PLAYFUL with Susan Scollen

Ep. 95 – PLAYFUL with Susan Scollen

Create your dreams with PLAYFUL, your goal setting strategy that looks at why you want to do something, and does it even bring you pleasure or are you doing it just because.

When we add in fun, our values and love, we anchor into what’s true for us and that then enables us to live out our dreams – not someone else’s version xo

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