Being Healthy with Susan Scollen

Ep. 99 – Being Healthy with Susan Scollen

Being Healthy is all about how you define it.

It’s not how I define it, nor the media or the next diet book.

It’s completely and utterly up to you and it looks different for everyone.

In today’s episode I give you the tools to define what being healthy means to you and share with you the biggest lies you’ve been told about what being healthy is supposed to be.

Let’s inspire each other

Hi, it’s me Susan, your Health & Life Coach, and the Beginner Health Sessions.

I’m passionate about encouraging you to create more health and wellness in your life. Health creates choices – and I believe we have more choices when we’re living in alignment with our soul.

I work with mums to find their happiness within – not in chocolate or wine or exercise or the next quick fix. After having post natal depression, I chose to dig myself out of my big black hole and move from a life I hated to one I love, using happiness as my guide. You can find out more about me here.

I’d love to know what resonated with you in this episode, comment below or head over to Susan Scollen on Facebook or Instagram, find the post for this episode and share with me. I look forward to meeting and chatting with you over there.

Here are your Being Healthy journaling prompts – let me know how you go!

  • Being healthy means…
  • Being healthy to me means…
  • I feel healthy when…
  • I feel unhealthy when…
  • I choose to feel… – hint with this one, you’ve just explored when you feel healthy and when you feel unhealthy, find what’s true for you in this space and it might be ‘healthy’ or it might be ‘unhealthy’ or it might be a balance of both – your balance.
  • What’s getting in the way of me being my healthy version?
  • What would I have to give up to be my healthy version?
  • Could I eat my cake and be the healthy version of me?
  • Unhealthy foods to me are?
  • Who judges me the most when I eat unhealthy foods?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being not ready and 10 being all in, how ready are you to find the healthy version of you?
  • How do you want to feel on your journey to being your healthy version of you?
  • Who will I become when I’m being the healthiest version of me, and can I be that person now?

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