Ep. 224 – Working with your body with Jane Pilger

Join me for a transformative conversation with Jane Pilger who’s cultivated a strong and trusting relationship with her body.

Jane began binge eating in college and battled miscommunication with her emotions.

The bounce between binge eating and restricted eating ultimately led to Jane overcoming the battle when she started to listen to her body and recognise what it was actually telling her.

Now Jane is competing in an Iron Man Championship and is working as a coach to help women overcome binge eating and trust their bodies.

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Jane Pilger empowers women who feel out of control around food to develop food freedom and body trust. She helps women who have been struggling, often for decades, to find the missing link to go from fighting with their bodies to working with them.

Whether you are a binge eater, someone who doesn’t trust themselves with certain foods, or someone who just doesn’t understand why they behave the way they do sometimes, she’s got you. She will teach you how to understand your behavior, how to develop trust with yourself and how to cultivate the safety that you need to navigate life. Her approach is rooted in the science of the brain and body, trauma informed, and filled with compassion.

Jane’s other passions include spending time with family and friends, triathlon training and racing, and planning the next adventure. She strives to make a difference in the lives of those around her while living a life of love, trust, adventure and growth.

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