Ep. 222 – The Gift of Balance with Mica Fish

In Mica’s early 20’s, she was in college, working and training as an elite snowboarding athlete. However, Mica felt exhausted but kept going and broke both her ankles.

At the age of 22 years she was facing ankle reconstructions, but Mica found her own path to healing and ultimately discovered that the healing came from taking responsibility for what happened and creating balance.

Today, Mica teaches yoga and coaches others to take responsibility for their lives and create change.

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As a fellow Soul Life Aficionado, Mica Fish spends her time close to nature, in solitude, with her loved ones, and in service to her community.

Her life is a beautiful collision of creative manifestation, passion, vocation, and profession.

She resides in the USA with the love of her life, 3 bonus children, and Tuxedo her moody Bernie-doodle, on acreage where she owns and operates YogaBrain Training & Coaching and The Yoga Annex, a Hot Yoga studio.

The work she does in the world is to practically introduce others to catalysts for positive change (her Two favorites, Coaching and Yoga) in alignment with their highest good and to hold the space for others while they do the work, to believe in them ahead of time. When she’s not working, she’s cultivating plants and trees from seed and beautifying the land she lives on.

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