Living our Soul Life

In My Soul Life Podcast, I share the stories of everyday people who’ve shifted their lives,
often through their own health and wellness journey,
and are living authentically, how they they define it.

Inspiring you to do the same.

My podcast also includes support and guidance to help us on your journey, so we can all live our Soul Life.



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Anorexia, PCOS and Hyperthyroidism with Meghan Wilson

Ep. 18 – Anorexia, PCOS & Hyperthyroidism with Meghan Wilson

Meghan Wilson is an Integrative Health Practitioner, a mum and a woman on a mission to help women heal holistically from the inside out. She founded Florin (Flourish from Within) Wellness as a platform to help share her message with the world.

She has been on her own personal journey recovering from an eating disorder, lived with a whole host of food allergies and chronic health issues with days where she just cried even getting out of bed. She also faced some pretty harsh infertility realities and overcame it all. She now feels in the best health she has ever been in and wants to empower other women to do the same.

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Heart Centred Bereavement Care with Amy Sagar

Ep. 17 – Heart Centred Bereavement Care with Amy Sagar

Amy’s career as a funeral director started in 2008. She has worked as a funeral administrator and traditional funeral director including arranging, conducting and caring for our dead in the mortuary. She truly found her passion working in the mortuary and went on to study Embalming. She is passionate about empowering families and their communities after a death has occurred and loves facilitating ceremonial washings & dressings of the deceased with their family.

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500 download party with Larissa, Juliet, Mel, Jas and Felicity

Ep. 16 – 500 downloads PARTY!!

On Saturday 28 November 2020, myself and members of my Holistic Health Facebook Group got together to party and celebrate 500 downloads of my Holistic Health Podcast.

When I set out on this podcast journey, I was focused on the creative process and hoped that it would have an impact on the world – but you’re never to sure right?

The feedback I’ve received has been amazing and my podcast has truly been a ripple effect, as others see people up levelling and changing their lives it gives them permission to do the same – and it shows them the transformation they want is possible.

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Ayurveda with Harmony Robinson-Stagg

Ep. 15 – Ayurveda with Harmony Robinson-Stagg

Harmony is an Ayurveda & Integrative Health Practitioner who specialises in women’s hormonal imbalances, digestive health & weight management through an Ayurvedic & Integrative Health approach.

She is a Registered nurse with more than 15 years experience, as such she combines her western medical background with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda & her yogi spirit to empower women to connect to their bodies wisdom & live a simple healthy lifestyle of balance & clarity (ditching fad diets & thriving at life).

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Thriving after an Abusive Marriage with Aubrey Holt

Ep. 14 – Thriving after an Abusive Marriage with Aubrey Holt

Aubrey is a survivor of narcissistic abuse. Aubrey courageously left a marriage after 13 months to pursue the life she knew awaited her.

After studying to become a Holistic Health Coach, Aubrey pursued a full-time career dedicated to helping others overcome the lasting psychological effects of divorce, abuse, toxic relationships, and the pain surrounding traumatic life events.

Through compassionate, holistic coaching, she educates on the signs of narcissism and manipulation, as well as providing tangible tips on healing properly to thrive in life.

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Emotions with Susan Scollen

Ep. 13 – Emotions with Susan Scollen

Hi, it’s me Susan, your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, wanted to be happy. During her post-natal depression journey, she woke up each day asking herself ‘do I feel happy today?’. Initially the answer was no, but then one day her body told her ‘yes’.

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Human Design with Anna Johnson-Hill

Ep. 12 – Human Design with Anna Johnson-Hill

Anna is a proud Projector with Splenic Authority and it’s okay if you have no idea what that means. Human Design changed her life. When she first saw her chart it was covered with numbers, words and colours that made no sense to her and it felt overwhelming. After some quick Googling and learning a few things that hit home hard, she was straight down the rabbit hole.

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Living Joyously with Julietta Sebastian

Ep. 11 – Living Joyously with Julietta Sebastian

Julietta Sebastian is a Health Coach who helps busy, health-minded professionals, achieve the life they dream of by implementing sustainable holistic shifts that help them slow down and achieve more.

In the episode, Julietta takes us through her soul journey, from being a stay at home mum to now launching her dream career and doing it all with joy in her heart. Be inspired.

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Living your Dreams with Susan Scollen

Ep. 10 – Living your Dreams with Susan Scollen

Hi, it’s me Susan, your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, is living her dream life – and I want you to as well!! There are a few key steps in creating what you want, but the most important step is cleaning up our thinking.

In this episode, I take you through the tool that helped me tidy up my mind, and I still use it today – I’m actually studying it at the moment and becoming a Life Coach. Are you ready to create your dream life? Let’s dive in.

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Healing through Cancer with Sarah Kenny

Ep. 9 – Healing through Cancer with Sarah Kenny

Sarah Kenny was a Human Resources Professional who was living and working in Shanghai when she was diagnosed with Metastatic Cervical Cancer in Sep 2019.  The Cancer caused Sarah to suffer a series of strokes as well as a mild heart attack before she had to undergo major surgery.  Sarah was told she needed chemotherapy followed by a hysterectomy to be fully cured of this awful disease.

It was not long after her treatment started that Sarah decided to take back control of her life and took immediate responsibility for her own healing.  She investigated everything she could on finding alternative ways to assist the healing process.

It was a journey of ups and downs however; the integrative approach Sarah took, allowed for her to save her reproductive system, with the support and blessing of her entire medical team.  Sarah is now 14 months post cancer and continues her journey of healing and self-discovery.

In the episode, Sarah takes through her incredible journey, the lessons she learnt and her holistic approach to her healing. Be inspired.

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Navigating Colitis with Jason Hofmann

Ep. 8 – Navigating Colitis with Jason Hofmann

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Jason Hofmann’s, influential Data Scientist and Founder of Missing Piece Analytics, mission is to serve business owners where they need it most – teaching them how to use data to make better business decisions that lead to greater success. But first, he had to live his own mission with his own auto-immune and colitis journey.

In the episode, Jason takes us back to where it all began as a teenager, how he ‘navigated’ through his twenties and early thirties, before everything came to a head and in 2014, and his large intestine was removed. Jason has been on his path of self-discovery since then and 2020 has been a huge year for him. Be inspired.

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Self-Love with Susan Scollen

Ep. 7 – Self-Love with Susan Scollen

Hi, it’s me Susan, your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, is deeply passionate about #selflove. The relationship with yourself is the most important one. When you fill your cup up first then you can give to others, but if you’re giving to everyone else from your empty cup, its no wonder you feel exhausted, drained and wanting to hide.

In this episode, I encourage you to take time for yourself and know that even in the busiest and craziest of moments, you can still be centred and grounded. You can still show up as your best self – as you define it.

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